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✔ Understand the current condition of each vehicle before you leave your house.

 Shop with confidence, knowing that every Green Light Inspection Station is held to a 98% accuracy rating or above.

✔ We are committed to bringing honesty and trust back into your used car buying experience. We're on your side.


 The Green Light Report

✔ Over 200 Points of Inspection held to a standard you can trust.

✔ Find out why thousands of customers every month are using Green Light Auto Inspections

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✔ Save Money

✔ Save Time

 Save the hassle of purchasing a used vehicle with undisclosed issues you were not aware of. 

✔ ❤ Favorite your GLA Inspected Vehicles

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Find a Green Light approved dealer. Find your Green Light Inspected vehicles.

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All Green Light inspected cars have a Green Light sticker! Input the last 6 of the VIN here, and Green Light Auto Inspections will pull your report.

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Once you have pulled the report, you will have all the information needed to make an informed decision. Once you have the green light? You're good to GO!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why get a Green Light Auto Report?

 Have you ever taken time out of your day to stop what you're doing and travel to a location to look at a vehicle to find out that its nothing like the other party described? We know it can be frustrating. 

Our mission for Green Light Auto Inspections revolves around transparency. Every customer deserves peace of mind when buying a used vehicle. Our pre-purchased inspections have been carefully crafted to provide in-depth and accurate information on every vehicle we inspect. Over 60 inspection categories and 200 points of inspection are performed on every Green Light Inspected vehicle, so you can know exactly what's under the hood when buying your next used vehicle. Our comprehensive 3rd party inspection protects customers from hidden or overlooked information, providing for a stress-free buying experience. We understand how overwhelming a car buying experience can be; let Green Light Auto Inspections take the guesswork out of it. Never buy another vehicle again unless it's been given the Green Light!

What is the difference between a Green Light Auto Report and a Carfax or Autocheck?

 So, Carfax and Autocheck are excellent sources to find out the history of the vehicle, such as Accident History, Number of previous owners, etc. However, we felt there has always been a missing piece to the industry, and that's where the Green Light Auto Report was born. What is the current condition of the vehicle now? Beyond that, what is the current condition of the vehicle validated by a reputable source held to a standard you can trust. To learn more about what the Green Light Auto Report checks for (Click Here)

What is the Green Light Grade?

 The Green Light Grade is a proprietary grading system developed to grade vehicles based on the potential risk of repairs found in the inspections.  

Can my vehicle be Green Light Inspected?

  Yes, your vehicle can get Green Light Inspected please visit one of our participating Inspection Stations.

How do I become a Green Light Inspected Dealer?

 Simply go to the dealership tab and apply to become a Green Light Inspected Dealer.

Can I dispute a record or fix an error on a Green Light Auto Report?

 Yes, Quality control is something we take very seriously. We hold all of our inspection stations to a 98% accuracy rating and above to ensure you with the most up to date and accurate information available.

Step: 1 Flag Report

Step:2 Complete the listed form with a complete description of the error in the report. 

Note: Please fill out the complete form as our system will automatically reject any form not filled out all the way. 

Step: 3 Our customer service team will complete the research within 3-5 business days. In the event of a validated claim, a re-evaluation will be performed on the vehicle and an update will be made on the report.